Pediatric brain tumor consortium the pediatric brain tumor consortium (pbtc) is a multidisciplinary cooperative research organization devoted to the study of correlative tumor biology and new therapies for primary cns tumors of childhood. Mission: pbtc's mission is to contribute rapidly and effectively to the understanding and cure of these tumors through the conduct of multi-center, multidisciplinary, innovative studies with designs and analyses based on uniformly high quality statistical science.  while the primary mission of the pbtc is to identify through laboratory and clinical science superior treatment strategies for children with brain cancers, the pbtc investigators recognize their profound responsibility to meet the special needs of the children and families as they face this enormous challenge. Members are committed to working within their institutions and communities to improve support services and follow up care for these patients and their families. Last updated on october 8, 2012 if you have any suggestions or questions regarding this site, please contact pbtc web administrator. Umor, causing less damage to healthy tissue and nearby organs than x-ray radiation and thus, fewer short- and long-term side effects. Proton therapy can be particularly effective in children. Since their bodies are still growing, children are more sensitive to the damage caused by radiation.   clinical studies from massachusetts general hospital evaluating proton therapy in children have reported excellent results in controlling tumors, reducing damage to healthy tissue and lowering the risk of tumors recurring or appearing later in life. Research also has shown that proton therapy can significantly reduce the risk of developmental and growth delays and abnormalities, reductions in iq and other complications often associated with standard x-ray radiation. Another massachusetts general study presented at this year’s american society of clinical oncology (asco) scientific meeting found that neurocognitive outcomes were stable two years following proton therapy, and that results were more favorable than with standard radiation treatment. â  learn more about proton therapy proton therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment that is performed in a dedicated proton therapy center and does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. viagra price cheap viagra no prescription viagra in canada without prescription generic viagra without prescription canada viarga for sale discount pharmacy viagra generic soft viagra buy viagra pills best price for generic viagra mail order viagra Treatments are typically given five days a week for four to eight weeks, depending on the tumor and its location. Proton therapy is available at seven centers in the united states with additional centers under construction and planned across the country. There are a variety of educational materials available – including what types of brain and pediatr.

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