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Interview Tips
  • Prepare for each interview -- begin by researching the company.
  • Be able to talk with ease about everything on your resume.
  • Practice talking points to emphasize strengths.
  • Plan how to talk about weaknesses, if asked.
  • Prepare and ask substantive questions.
  • Appearance is important: be well-groomed and well-dressed.
  • A strong handshake and good eye contact are essential.
  • Be engaged in the conversation.
  • Sound directed even if you are not.
Sound Bytes
"Thank you for brainstorming with me last week [about a new job opportunity]. I was amazed how well you helped me clarify what was important to me in a 30 minute phone call...."
- Psychiatric Social Worker

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Interview Services

The more you prepare, the better you interview.

Once you have landed an interview, preparation is an essential next step. Our Certified Employment Interview Professionals will walk you through the preparation and interview process. All interview preparation and career consultation sessions are accomplished over the phone, and our clients have found them quite helpful. Here's how we will help you:

  • Prepare for interviews. We will offer you the interviewer's perspective.
  • Strategize to plan for career advancement, career changes, negotiating offers and compensation, and analyzing market needs/trends.
  • Package your story. We will listen to you talk about yourself first. Then we will help you emphasize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Brainstorming Sessions

Rely on a professional to brainstorm. We offer brainstorming sessions in 30 minute increments to help you work through weighty issues such as how to decide whether to change jobs or how to talk about losing your job. Here is a list of some of the important matters our clients have called us to discuss:

  • Career start up - job choices
  • Career and job changes
  • Summer job choices
  • Job selection
  • School choices
  • Parent empowerment

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