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Resume Tips
  • Keep it simple and short.
  • Less is more. Keep descriptions brief to use as interview talking points.
  • Place education first for students and newer professionals.
  • Place experience first for experienced professionals.
  • Place all school activities and honors with education.
  • Place all work accomplishments and awards with experience.
  • Make it reader-friendly with varied fonts, italics and bold letters.
Sound Bytes
"You did a fabulous job on my resume. This is something I thought I had the skill set to do, but I was mistaken. You gave it the professional punch and polish it needed."
- Marketing Director
Major Law Firm

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Resume Services

Strong resumes open doors. Weak resumes get discarded.

Executive Resumes ~ Marketing Resumes ~ Sales Resumes ~ Military Resumes

We will update your resume so that it is easy to read and has maximum impact. Simply follow the ordering instructions and email your resume along with any instructions to We will review your resume and instructions and then we will contact you before we start any revisions. We will work with you by telephone and email until you are completely satisfied.

Our skilled resume writers work with CEO's and other top executives, middle managers and newer professionals in all industries to create high-impact resumes. We collaborate with current and former military professionals to translate their military experience into reader-friendly civilian language.

Entry Level Resumes ~ Student Resumes

We also work closely with students at all levels and often with their parents to create resumes for college applications, graduate school applications, summer jobs, and entry-level positions.

Cover Letters

We will work with you to draft generic or specific cover letters and provide you with the language for up to three versions of a cover letter.


Here is what you get with our resume services:

  • Individualized professionally written resume.
  • Unlimited telephone calls and email communications until your resume is completed to your satisfaction.
  • FREE resume UPDATES for one year.
  • Three versions of a cover letter.

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