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"Thank you for turning around my resume so quickly and for helping me prepare for my interviews. Your insights and encouragement in regard to my interviews proved quite helpful to me. You're absolutely at the top of the list of the most helpful and important people in the process. I just wanted to let you know that I accepted the assistant general counsel position we discussed and I am excited to go to work every morning."
- Assistant General Counsel
Financial Services Company

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Are you stuck on wording? Puzzled by formatting? Not sure how to convey the fact that you are re-joining the workforce after a lengthy hiatus? Welcome to Resume Boutique. You are only three steps away from having a professionally-formatted, well-articulated resume that will always find its way to the top of the list.

Do you lack confidence in interviews? Stumble in your explanation of why you left your last job? Or struggle to clearly explain your experience? Our recruitment professionals will walk you through the preparation and interview process. After just three steps, you will have the confidence you need to present your accomplishments in the light they deserve.

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Browse our Resume Services and Interview Services pages to decide how we can best help you. Our Legal Resumes section showcases our offerings for law students and lawyers.

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Email or call us if you want to speak with us before you order. We will contact you within 24 hours and we will prepare your resume within 48 hours of the time we clarify your needs.

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There's no step 3! We'll take it from here and are looking forward to crafting the resume your future career deserves!