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"Thank you so much for preparing my resume for me. It looks fantastic and I already used it to apply for an on-campus position. I thought you would like to know that I got the job. Thanks again."
- Duke University Freshman

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Hear From Our Professionals

"I think my resume looks great! I like the way you listed my achievements in more detail. It now gives the reader the right impression and will make my interviewers want to ask me about my experience."

- Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

"You did a fabulous job on my resume. This is something that I thought I had the skill set to do, but I was mistaken. You gave it the professional punch and polish it needed."

- Chief Marketing Officer ("CMO"), Major Law Firm

"Since you revised my resume, I have landed so many interviews. You did an outstanding job on my resume. Between the new resume and your positive encouragement, I believe I am now interviewing with a new sense of confidence. In fact, I just received my first offer today and I expect to receive another offer next week. Many thanks again. I am going to recommend your services to my friends and colleagues."

- Multiple Career Professional (Marketing, Fundraising, Social Work)

"I just wanted to let you know what a great job you did on my resume. I have worked at my current job for ten years and havenít looked at my resume since then. You instinctively knew how to emphasize my strengths, which information to highlight, and which to de-emphasize or eliminate. I also liked the fact that we were partners in this process. It was a pleasure working with you."

- Executive Director, International Information Technology Company

"Thank you for revising my resume. Your comments were very helpful. The resume looks great and it is more reader-friendly."

- Electrical Engineer

"Thanks again! The resume looks even better (and I didn't think that possible!). I am sure I will be calling you with questions as I journey down this application trail. But I just wanted to shoot a quick message of gratitude. So, THANKS AGAIN!!"

- College Access Coordinator and Law School Applicant

"Thank you so much for revising my resume. You turned it around so quickly and it looks so much better! I used the new resume to apply for a marketing and development position and I accepted a great job offer last week."

- Public Relations and Marketing Professional (Second Career)

"Wow, that's awesome! The cover letter sounds so good I had to read it a few times to make sure it was about me. I really appreciate the effort you've given me as well as the prompt service!"

- IT Network Administrator

"You did an AMAZING job on my resume. With twenty years of business experience and an MBA from Columbia, I thought I was very capable of revising my own resume. Was I wrong. The changes you made to the format and flow were great, and your turnaround time was very fast. I will highly recommend you to friends who need help with their resumes!"

- Business and Marketing Executive

"I truly appreciate the time and support you have given me in my job search. You not only successfully repackaged my resume but helped me to hone in on my most important skills and qualifications, which helped me target the jobs that best matched my skills and passion. Iíve had several pre-screening calls and interviews since I started using your resume and waiting on landing the job I want! Iíve already told my friends about you and Iíll be in touch when my son gets ready for college applications next year!"

- Client Relations & Administrative Professional (who received offers after her first two interviews)

"Thank you for brainstorming with me last week. Our session helped me weigh the pros and cons of my current job with a new job opportunity, which I accepted. I was amazed how well you helped me clarify what was important to me in a 30 minute telephone call. Your specific comments about not burning bridges made a difference in the manner in which I spoke with my supervisor."

- Psychiatric Social Worker

"I truly appreciate the time you spent with me to understand my work history and prepare my resume. My resume is unusual because I go from a long career in retail management to a stay-at-home mom to an occupational therapist. With this resume and your interview tips, I can easily and confidently discuss my work history during my upcoming interviews. Many thanks."

- Occupational Therapist (second career)

"Wow - THANK YOU! I am so grateful for your work on my resume and cover letter, and am now motivated to begin circulating my accomplishments and hopefully find a job."

- Iraq war veteran transitioning to civilian life

"Randi--Thank you again for all of your help! This new position is a huge step in progressing my career/life and I couldn't have done it without you! You're the best! And don't forget not only on the team, MVP!"

- Sports Management Professional (Corporate Sales)

Hear From Our Students

Student Resume

"Thank you so much for preparing my resume for me. It looks fantastic and I already used it to apply for an on campus position. I thought you would like to know that I got the job. Thanks again."

- Duke University Freshman

"Thank you very much for revising my resume. It looks great. I particularly like the way you organized my high school and college honors and activities. I think I will be much better able to talk about myself from this resume when I interview this summer."

- University of Maryland Honors Program Sophomore

"Thanks for your advice on the language in my resume. I was concerned that it was too technical in nature, and therefore might be unintelligible or too esoteric. I've passed on your guidance to my friends. Thanks!"

- Stanford University Sophomore (Computer Science Major and Entrepreneur)

"Thanks for the changes you made to my resume. I like the way it looks now. I also appreciate your kind words of encouragement."

- University of West Virginia Senior

Hear From Our Parents

"I was very touched to learn that you called my daughter last week to find out how she was doing after Hurricane Katrina caused Tulane to shut down. It is rather impressive that you remembered not only that you had helped her prepare for her college interviews last year, but also that she had been accepted to Tulane, her first choice. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We will be contacting you soon to help us prepare a resume she will need to apply for an internship. We look forward to working with you again."

- Father of displaced Tulane University Freshman

"Please let us know when you will have time in the early fall to talk with our daughter about college interviewing. You may remember that you helped our son prepare for his interviews a few years ago. Your two prep sessions boosted his confidence and thus his ability to present well during his college interviews. As you predicted, his skills got better with each interview. We look forward to working with you again."

- Parents of Duke University Sophomore and High School Senior

"Thank you for your recommendations, ideas, support, and words of wisdom to me during my sonís senior year of high school. With your help, my son is now attending his college of choice."

- Father of James Madison University Freshman

"I wanted to thank you for helping my daughter organize her extracurricular activities for her college applications. This has been a stressful process and we like how you organized her Activities List and appreciate your calm, encouraging approach. It has helped keep us centered."

- Mother of High School Senior

Hear From Our Lawyers

"Many thanks for your quick turn around time and your excellent work re-writing my resume. You helped me understand that my resume was cluttered with distracting information and it is now easy for anyone to understand my work history. Thank you also for working with me on how I weave the talking points on my resume into the interview. I felt confident and less nervous in my interviews yesterday."

- Second Year Corporate Lawyer (Second Career)

"Thank you for turning around my resume so quickly and for helping me prepare for my interviews. Your insights and encouragement in regard to my interviews proved quite helpful to me. You're absolutely at the top of the list of the most helpful and important people in the process. I just wanted to let you know that I accepted the assistant general counsel position we discussed and I am excited to go to work every morning."

- Assistant General Counsel, Financial Services Company

"Thank you for re-writing my resume and reducing it from three pages to two in a matter of hours. I havenít revised my resume in five years, and in that time, it has changed significantly. You did a great job highlighting the relevant portions of my work history and cutting the things that would be less important now to a prospective employer."

- General Counsel, Publicly Traded Life Sciences Company

"You did a beautiful job on my resume and the two versions of my cover letter. The resume looks and reads 100% better and the cover letters are short and to the point. I am going to call you to schedule a telephonic interview prep session next week."

- Fourth Year Federal Government Lawyer

"Our interview prep session yesterday was one of the most helpful Iíve had yet. You made me realize how I could talk in a confident way about why I lost my job, what I offer to a future firm, and how to sound directed."

- Second Year Litigation Lawyer

"Thanks for your advice on my resume and my legal career opportunities. I appreciate the talking points you gave me to emphasize the positive aspects of both my prior career and my legal experience. All the interviews I had last week went well. The bullet points we discussed and developed seemed to resonate."

- Fourth Year Patent Attorney (second career)

"I just wanted to take a moment to extend a thank you for your interview coaching. My search finally resulted in some interviews coming my way and the results could not be more different. In four interviews I have been turned down once, withdrawn my name once, and I received one job offer on Friday and another one today, so I am now in a position to choose. Thank you!"

- Fifth Year Corporate Lawyer

"Wow! You are fast and good! I really have done a lot of stuff! I like this resume format/approach much, much better. As I mentioned in our last phone call, this resume is top notch. But what's more, you have given me better advice and support in a few weeks than the career coach I have been working with for the last year."

- Litigation Partner, AmLaw 200 Law Firm

Hear From Our Law Students

"I never thought I would feel this excited about a resume, but I am over the moon! Thank you so much. You are incredible at this."

- Rising 2L - Top 10 School

"I want to thank you for speaking with me yesterday. You really put things in perspective for me. After our brainstorming session, I decided to stay with my position and concentrate my efforts on doing really well in my last four LLM courses. After I complete my LLM, then I will look for a more suitable position. Thanks for helping me get there."

- LLM Student (Tax)

"Thank you so much for helping me with the interview with [law firm]. I interviewed there today and was offered a summer position on the spot! I could not have done it without your help and I appreciate your offer to be available during this interview process."

- First Year Law Student

"Thank you for revising my resume again, helping me prepare for my interviews, and for sharing your summer associate success tips with me. With your invaluable help, I was blessed to have a great summer job. I worked really hard there, took your tips seriously, and went the extra mile on each assignment. I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a full time position as a business lawyer next fall. I am telling all my friends about you."

- Third Year Law Student

"Thank you for taking me through step-by-step how I prepare for each on campus interview and how I should talk about my career goals and myself. I had no idea where to start or how to prepare. I used your research method before each interview and I applied a number of your suggestions during the interviews. I am thrilled to report that I have nine call back interviews thus far and I likely will be calling you again for another interview counseling session."

- Second Year Law Student

"Thank you so much for your help with my interviewing skills and for the article you gave me. You really helped me refocus and I will put your advice into practice. It was so refreshing to get substantive feedback."

- Second Year Law Student (second career)